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  • The Secretariat was established to handle the administrative affairs of the Council.
    - The Secretariat is a presidential administrative organization, charged with managing the Council and
       supporting the activities of Council members.
    - The secretary general is a public official in political service and is in charge of overseeing the administrative
       affairs and supervising the officials of the Council.
    - The members of the Secretariat are public officials and carry out their duties as follows.

[ Article 2 of Presidential Decree on the Organization of the NUAC Secretariat]

  • Article 2 (Functions) The Secretariat of the National Unification Advisory Council (hereinafter referred to as "Secretariat") shall be in charge of the following affairs to support the operation of the Council and activities of Council members.
    1. Support for unification policy advisory and proposal activities
    2. Support for activities of Council members to promote national engagement in reunification efforts
    3. Support for the activities of provincial assemblies and municipal Chapter
    4. Research required to execute duties of the Council
    5. Other support for convening and operating the Council
  • Secretary General
  • Policy Assistant
  • Spokesperson
  • Planning &
    Coordination Officer
  • Unification
    Advisory Bureau
  • Council Member
    Activities Bureau
  • General Service Officer
  • Planning & Finance Officer
  • Consultation & Advice Division
  • Public Opinion Analysis Division
  • Education and Training Division
  • Central Region Division
  • Middle Region Division
  • South Region Division
  • Overseas Region Division
Duties of Each Department
Duties of Each Department
Departments Functions Contact Info.
Policy Assistant
  • Research to advise and propose unification policies
  • Public relations and press
  • Publish bulletins and supporting data on the unification
Planning & Coordination Officer General Service Officer
  • Personnel management, education, service and operating repositories
  • Accounting (contract, expenditure, settlement of accounts), management of articles, office building security
  • Employment of office clerks of provincial assemblies and municipal chapters
82-2-2250-2219, 2212
Planning & Finance Officer
  • Affairs for the National Assembly, budget, organization, legal services, audit and performance management
  • Government 3.0
  • Informatization management
82-2-2250-2226, 2327
Unification Policy Advisory Bureau Consultation & Advice Division
  • Managing consultations and advice on the unification policy
  • Managing the operation of the Executive, Central and Standing Committees
  • Operation of domestic inaugural sessions
82-2-2250-2231, 2329
Public Opinion Analysis Division
  • Plan the collection of public opinions on the unification
  • Investigate and analyze public opinions on the unification
  • Operate policy conferences by function, peaceful unification forums, political forums and expert discussions
Education and Training Division
  • Plan and promote education and training for council members
  • Publish text book for education and training, invite and assist lecturers
  • Citizens class of unification era
Council Member Activities Bureau Central Region Division
  • Support for provincial assemblies and municipal chapters in Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi, and five North Korean provinces
  • Organize council members and domestic provincial assemblies
  • Plan and manage regional activities for unification
82-2-2250-2235, 2254
Middle Region Division
  • Support for provincial assemblies and municipal chapters in Daegu, Daejeon, Sejong, Gangwon, North and South Chungcheong Provinces, and North Gyeongsang Province
  • Evaluate council members, confer awards and medals
  • Support for women council members
  • Support civic groups related to national unification
82-2-2250-2249, 2361
South Region Division
  • Support for provincial assemblies and municipal chapters in Busan, Gwangju, Ulsan, North and South Jeolla Provinces, South Gyeongsang Province, and Jeju
  • Planning and coordinating projects to promote teenagers' understanding of unification
  • Support for youth council member
  • Support activities of exchange and cooperation between South and North Korea
82-2-2250-2288, 2233
Overseas Region Division
  • Support for overseas provincial assemblies and municipal chapters
  • Operation of overseas inaugural sessions and provincial assemblies
  • Overseas forum on a peaceful unification, lecture on inter-Korean policy and conferences
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