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Secretary General Hwang Insung reveals the direction of NUAC’s activities in CBS interview
Secretary General Hwang Insung reveals the direction of NUAC’s activities in CBS interview
Spokesperson , 2017-07-27
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Secretary General Hwang Insung revealed his thoughts on the future direction of NUAC and the progress made between North and South in an interview with CBS.
“NUAC should stay true to the constitution and its mission as regulated by the Act on the Democratic and Peaceful Unification Advisory Council. The suggestions and consultation from it must come from the heart of the people,” Secretary General Hwang stated in his CBS interview, which aired on July 26. He also emphasized that it is crucial for numerous organizations and individuals striving for peace and unification to communicate and cooperate with each other in order to build up strength.
According to Secretary General Hwang, realizing peace in the Korean Peninsula requires mutual recognition and respect between North and South to overcome the state of antagonism and hostility. “As the pursuit for mutual prosperity through exchange and cooperation becomes the foundation, the military tension will dissolve, and unification will eventually come as we go through the process of reducing our military forces through mutual agreement,” he explained.
As for North Korea not agreeing to South Korea’s suggestion for a dialogue, Secretary General Hwang said that “it is not a very wise thing for North Korea to refuse outright South Korea’s gesture for opening a dialogue and to continue to rely on its military power.” And he added “As long as we don’t waver but pursue dialogues and cooperation with consistent policy, North Korea will eventually respond positively.”
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